Summer Retrieval

I had to resubmit my planter thing because I wasn’t able to make the planter I had said I’d make due to just  finding it really hard. I had been really struggling to do this thing because I didn’t really know how to prototype it. I tried doing it with wood which worked the best but when I tried it with clay that just completely failed. I had the option to do a new project but I thought that would be too much.

I needed to find a way to do it, so I just used paper to prototype it and it worked. Then my dad had a good idea to get it laser cut by some people he knew so I went onto illustrator and made a file for them to cut. The pieces arrived and I checked if they fit together and they did. I then used an MDF sealant and lined them with plastic. This is because MDF can go mouldy. I then got a tube which I drilled holes into, put it through the assembled boxes and then put the soil and seeds in.

Starting to think about flat packing and how to make an efficient modular system. I just started drawing out shapes. Sometimes when I do this, this might end up being a page of the same thing repeated over and over but it just helps me think.
I was discussing the idea with my dad and he came up with this idea which was fine but I wasn’t sure how strong it would be and also it wouldn’t have been strong enough. I wanted something simpler still. But having discussions with my dad is often my favourite way to figure out ideas because he can often point out potential flaws in them.
Initial ideas for the flat pack pieces.
I wanted to use this as an opportunity to start learning how to draw with greater accuracy. I’ve never done it before but I quite enjoyed using various measuring tools to do the drawings.
A simplified drawing of the modular box complete with doodles (feel free to ignore).
Just some practice drawing the 3D forms.
A drawing of one of the pieces.
A drawing of the pieces and the boxes.
This was a drawing I used to check measurements to get an idea of how big it might get.


A drawing to help show the practicality and reason for having these around. I was imaging a spaceship in the far future when they’ve figured out artificial gravity more effectively where you could have these.
A slightly clearer drawing.
I tried to make a cardboard version but this ended up not working due to being too small.
Decided to make a paper version instead which worked and I was able to see how they’d fit and where they’d need modifying.  After this I used Adobe Illustrator to make a pattern that could be sent off to be laser cut.
The laser cut piece that has a slot system.
I assembled them to see if they fit ok and to see how they worked. I could see a couple of areas that if I was going to do it again I would change but as ‘finished’ prototypes to demonstrate the idea I think these are good.
After checking it fit, I used MDF sealant to protect the MDF from the moisture because if you aren’t careful MDF can go mouldy. As an extra precaution I used sandwich bags to line the compartments. I also drilled the holes into the pipes to create the watering system.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above are picture of the finished thing, I’m happy with how it has turned out. I think that there are revisions I could make to future models but for now I think this one demonstrates the concept pretty well and it’s definitely the best rendition so far.

I found getting to this ending point very stressful but at least it’s done now.


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