Why Sea Life Doesn’t Have Great White Sharks

When I was watching YouTube one day, as really interesting video came up in my recommended tab and so I decided to have a look at it.

The video was all about the reason why we don’t see great white sharks in aquariums, but perhaps more interesting was that it talked about the attempts that people have made to keep great whites in captivity.

I linked the video if you wanted to look at it, but long story short the reason they don’t do well is mostly because they are long range predators that must keep moving in long uninterrupted lines to thrive. Aquariums can’t really accommodate this and that’s why a lot of great whites that have been in captivity have died in the aquarium or died shortly after release. The most recent attempt was in Okinawa, Japan where the full grown shark was found dead in only three days. It seems that there has been more success in keeping younger, smaller great whites than the full grown adults but like I said, they tended to die shortly after release into the wild.



One of the things that I really latched onto was the way that these sharks were injuring themselves because they were being kept in an unsuitable environment. It made me kind of upset because it was something that kept happening every single time although I was most upset by the example about the shark in Japan. Whilst they hadn’t set out to catch the shark, instead getting it from a fisherman who accidentally caught it, but it was an 11 foot shark. I just felt like it was kind of irresponsible to do that.

On the back of this, I would like to start drawing some sharks that have ended up injured. I thought it could make for a good concept to show that we really can affect even the most feared of sea predators.


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