‘Stringfoot’ refers to a condition suffered by urban pigeons. It is when string, thread, human hair and other such things get tangled up with pigeon’s feet and causes them to lose their toes.

It’s a really nasty and tragic thing and there are people out there helping some of these birds recover and apparently when rescued from the thing binding their feet, they survive remarkably well, so there is hope.

A pigeon that has sadly lost it’s feet to stringfoot. 

The reason I bring this up when I am doing something about sea creatures rather than avians, is because it made me think about fishing lines and fishing nets. And whilst I haven’t heard stories about ‘stringfoot’ happening to sea creatures, it did make me think about how fish get tangled and caught up in nets and fishing lines. I think it could make for a horrible but  hopefully meaningful image to try and highlight this problem in my drawings.


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