‘Plastic In Our Ocean’

‘Plastic In Our Ocean’ is a t-shirt design by a street artist called Mau Mau. It is all about plastic pollution in the sea.

I found his work in a copy of The Big Issue and I was really interested to see how someone else had looked at this topic.

I think that Mau Mau’s piece is very effective because it is really easy to understand which is very important since it is on a t-shirt. I think some t-shirt designs can be a bit confusing to work out. This one on the other hand is very clear and has an inviting illustrative aesthetic that conveys a serious topic without it being overly grim and I think that can be the difference between people getting on board with something like this or not. I think if you present the problem you’re trying to raise awareness of in an overly serious, or catastrophic way, people might lose hope in trying to solve the problem and stay ‘well I guess there’s no point trying if it’s already that bad’.



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