Microbial Leather

Whilst I was watching a documentary about the future of fashion (I’ll link it below, it’s really good), I happened across a woman named Suzanne Lee who has been pioneering something called ‘biocoutre’ which is fabric made from microbes. It’s really amazing, she’s made jackets and skirts and all sorts with it.

The thing that got men interested in it was that it’s actually really easy to grow and it’s completely biodegradable and compostable.

I decided that I wanted to investigate it in order to see if I could potentially use it as packaging for my watering system.




I start by brewing 2 litres of tea and then dissolving some sugar.
I pour the mixture into a bowl and add some cider vinegar. After that I add the scoby. Once I have done that, I cover the bowl with a cloth to stop any interference with the growth.


After a couple of weeks a thick skin will have been created on the surface of the mixture. At this point it is ready to harvest.
The microbial leather starting to grow on the surface.
This is the fully dried microbial leather.
It can be cut and manipulated like normal fabric.
It can be pressed onto forms to create a seamless shape.
My microbial farm.

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