Making the Bamboo Structure



I started by gathering my tools, some bamboo, some wooden blocks, masking tape, a hacksaw and a marker pen.
I make a mark on the bamboo where I want to saw.
I then get some vegetable oil to rub onto the bamboo. The reason I do this is because vegetable oil keeps bamboo supple and stops it from splintering.
I then start sawing light marks, making sure to keep rotating the bamboo which makes sure it won’t splinter. I also used some masking tape to keep the surface from splintering.
I was able to cut lots of bamboo to build my structure.
After cutting the pieces I needed, I tried to tie the pieces together however it kept slipping.
Because I am very stubborn I tried to continue tying it together. I did hold a structure but it was way too unstable.
This is when I figured I should cut some notches into it so that it wouldn’t slip so much.
The new joints I made by tying the string around the bamboo and very tightly wrapping it.

After that I have to admit that things got a bit difficult and I was getting incredibly frustrated and upset which is honestly why there’s a lack of photos for this bit.

But I decided to cut things down and make a compact unit instead of a taller one like I had initially planned.

Once I had a frame, I tried to put string around it but it kept distorting and changing and so then I took the string off. I then covered it in masking tape and put the crisp packets in with some bamboo as the ‘watering tube’.



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