Making My Final Fish

I have decided that for my final piece I wanted to make some fish using wire, masking tape and tissue paper. My hope was that I could make more expressive and interesting models this way.

My idea was that I could display a couple of models on plinth in front of my drawings.

I started by making a prototype to test out my method as I wasn’t sure how it would work to glue tissue paper to masking tape.

I did this by making an eel based off of one of my drawings.

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Once I had done that, I decided to make an octopus which was meant to show how octopus are consumed in quite a cruel way in Japan. The octopus are killed in quite a nasty way because they are believed to taste better soon after they have died. The thing was that there is a problem with disposable chopsticks and so I thought I could make an octopus and put chopsticks in it.

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Above is the process of making my octopus. I decided not to continue it because I didn’t think it fit in the well so I wanted to just do the fish.

I started with a simple wire frame. 
The wire frame. 


Once I finished the wire frame, I covered it in masking tape. I did this so I would have a good base to put the tissue paper on. 
My other fish. 
The overweight fish. 
I covered them in white tissue paper and then started putting the coloured paper on them.
Here they have both been covered in tissue. 
Some yellow tissue paper for the accent colours. 
On this fish I decided to put the accent colours on first. 
I then covered it with green. 
Once it was covered and dry I put some ink washes over it to make it more 3D. I used pearlescent green for the radioactive gunk for the fish. 
Some shading using sepia ink since black can sometimes be too harsh. 
The completed models. 

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