Making Miniatures

One of the ideas I had for my project was to make miniatures that could be assembled by people and then painted.

I have had a lot of exposure to this kind of thing in my life because my dad has always been into miniatures and I have always admired how well done the models are. I knew I wasn’t going to manage anything on that level but I thought that I could give it a try anyway.

I thought that the simple nature of the creatures I had designed might lend themselves well to being rendered like this because I do not have much experience with this kind of things and have never been very confident with it.

The plan was I could use some white oven bake clay to make the ‘master’ copy of the model and I could then cast lots of them.

I started by making them out of the clay. I found this bit difficult because I have never been good and sculpting with modelling clay.

Here are some of the pieces for the crab. I tried to make it so that they might fit together but this didn’t really go too well.

I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the models after I had baked them so I decided not to continue with it. Admittedly I probably should have continued doing them and seen what they were like once they were painted, but I wasn’t really happy with the design or how they looked so I decided I wouldn’t pursue it any further.

A photo of all the different parts for the models I made. 

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