Making a Wooden Prototype

The next thing that I wanted to do for my project is make a wooden prototype. Unfortunately I didn’t take all that many photos mostly because I was doing it at home over the holidays and I was alone.

To make my prototype, I got a sheet of plywood (bad choice, I know) and made my measurements. Unfortunately at this stage I had not learned how to double check if my rectangles had right angles so I’m pretty sure some of them were off.

Once I had done that, I cut the pieces using a jigsaw. I don’t think I did too badly considering I have never used a jigsaw before but I know some of the pieces were a little off.

After that I glued the pieces together using some wood glue and used my clamps to hold it together.

As a final touch I cut a plastic bag to fit the interior and stuck that in using the glue and some double sided sellotape.

My wooden prototype that has some pansies growing inside it. 

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