Making a Monster

I decided that I wanted try making something in clay to start getting an idea of how my characters/creatures might look in 3D.

I started making it by using a coiling technique and then pinched bits of clay and blending them together. Once I had the overall shape, I added details like the scales and fins.

The idea behind this creature was that it could be this giant bipedal creature that could just walk out the ocean and wreak havoc. I’m not sure if this would make it to my final piece because I’m worried it might be seen to be too similar to Godzilla, I’m also not as fond of the design as some of my other characters that I think look more fun and quirky whilst holding the weight of what I’m saying.


Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out considering I really haven’t done that much modelling before. There are definitely improvements that I need to make such as adding more character to the features. I also think I need to work on the way I’ve added some of the details such as the lines of the fins because I don’t really like how I did that.


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