Crisp Packets

Since I wasn’t able to get my initial idea made because I couldn’t get my prototypes precise enough, I decided to change tactics and use an entirely different material.

One of the things I am quite conscious of is how much rubbish I throw away, especially crisp packets. I think it could be fun to try and see if I could get anything to grow in the crisp packets.


I was very happy with the results I got which are shown above. I planted some cress seeds in there and I was surprised at how fast they grew. It’s kind of interesting because I suppose the crisp packets help retain moisture in the soil due to be water tight and if you put them on their side which they will be, they are able to self drain as well.

I really like the idea of showing that you don’t always have to throw things out and hopefully making people think about discarded things as something with a second chance. It doesn’t necessarily have to be plant containers, but the plastic isn’t going anywhere anyways since it would either be recycled or sitting in landfill.

My plan is to use these as the plant pots and use a structure to support them.


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