Clay Prototypes

The next prototypes that I attempted to make were made from air dry clay.

I measured out some paper templates and then rolled out my clay and started cutting my clay.

The idea was that I would cut out the pieces and then I could stick them together somehow.

The problem was that as the clay shrunk as it dried, it started curving slightly making it useless. With hindsight I probably should have weighed it down with something but I didn’t think to do so at the time.

These are the pieces of air dry clay I ended up with. Sadly they really didn’t fit together at all. 

The next attempt saw me trying to make a completed box with the clay whilst it was still wet. I did end up with a box and it did sort of work but it wasn’t really as precise as I wanted it and so I didn’t deem it suitable to work.

I think really for the level of precision I wanted, I should have used the laser cutter to cut some wood but due to poor planning and being too nervous to use the laser cutter, I ran out of time.


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