Abraham Cruzvillegas

When I went to the Tate Modern just over a year ago the exhibit in the Turbine Hall was a giant installation by Abraham Cruzvillegas. At first it seemed to be a load of planters in a tiered formation.

However after reading the description, I realised that all the different sections with soil taken from different places in London and it was almost like an experiment to see if anything would grow.

This is the picture of the installation from the Tate website. It was only after reading about it that I really appreciated really liked this piece of work. 

Some of the planters had a lot growing in them whereas some of them, had nothing at all. I also really liked how DIY the whole thing felt since it was built with scaffolding and mismatched lighting. It was all very low tech.

I really like the thinking and the attitude behind it, that you don’t need some big sciencey set up to do this, and it’s really encouraged me with my own work.


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