A Giant Clay Fish

I decided after my first attempt at sculpting a clay fish that I wanted to try another. I really wanted to make this one more expressive and to seem more life like.

Whilst I think I did something pretty good with this piece, I know that in terms of the actual structure and making, I made some really bad mistakes. This was kind of stupid because I knew I was making these mistakes as I was doing it.

The worst thing I did was to start making the sculpture when I didn’t have a good chunk of time to do it. This meant that some bits were going to get a bit too dry to work with. The other problem was that I did not allow the clay to dry enough before moving onto the next sections.

The other problem I had was that I got lazy with how I was attaching things and so they didn’t join properly.

The idea behind this creature was that it could be without its head but still looking as though it was alive. I wanted a really unnatural, really radioactive feel to the fish monster.

I started by building up this chimney shape with coils and pinching.
I then split it into two to start the tail.
This is the tail, even at this stage it already shows signs of weakness.
I used two sponges in order to support the structure.
This is the developed body shape.
Here I’ve added a few details such as fins and an arm.

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