Creating My Fish Characters

Once I had finalised some of the designs for the mutant/messed up fish, I wanted to make digital versions of them using Adobe Capture and Adobe Illustrator.

First off I took a photo of my drawing using an app called Abobe Capture. Adobe Capture

can do a number of things but the thing I used it for here was transforming the picture of my drawing into a vector that I could then edit in Adobe Illustrator and edit the size of without losing its quality.

After that I got my file up on Illustrator and started colouring it. I decided to use the colour schemes that I got from the tropical greenhouse that I went to near my house. The visit I did there was very useful because I was able to draw some fish from life and also use Adobe Shape to collect some colour palettes from the fish and the foliage there.

I did a variety of different colours for the fish and decided which one I liked the best. In the end I thought that the green drawing looked the best in terms of aesthetic and also in conveying what I wanted because it looks really sickly and unwell and unnatural.

I did this process with three of the creatures, the eel, crab and koi carp.

This is the image of the mutated koi carp that I took a photo of to make into a vector.
This is what the vector library looks like on the app. From this I can use my Adobe account to sync it to my Illustrator and get the images to work with.

Above is the process I did with the crab, it was essentially the same as the fish although I had already decided it would be red.

This is the eel which I decided would be in the process of growing limbs whereas the koi carp and fully grown limbs.
These are the two colour schemes I was choosing between.

I was quite pleased with how these were coming along although I wasn’t sure about the eel. I really liked the koi carp character.


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