Drawing a Tumorous Crab

After doing my bubble drawings, I decided to have a look in the Geographical Magazine to see if they had anything on climate change and its impact on wildlife. I couldn’t find anything specifically to do with that, but I did find some images that interested me.

The first one was a photograph of a red crab and I thought that I might be able to use that for something. The second photograph was an ariel photo of a delta but from quite high up. I found that the delta looked more like one of those close up photos of bacteria cultures or something.

I decided that I could use the delta photo with the crab photo to use as starting point to show the kind of warped and horrible looking mutations that happen to sea creatures due to pollution. Admittedly what I will end up doing will likely be a more exaggerated or ‘cartoon’ version of the real mutations happening to sea creatures, but I thought using the photos would be interesting nonetheless.

Above the crab is the picture of the delta I got the ‘tumours’ from and below is my little collage of the crab. 

Once I had done my crab, I used a light box to trace over it to end up with the drawing below.

The ink drawing of the crab. 

After that I did a coloured ink drawing of the crab.

The coloured drawing of the crab. I used red because I wanted to keep the crab the original colour and then yellow for the tumours because I wanted a colour that inferred something pussy and disease ridden. 

The next thing I need to do is try and simplify the crab and create a character based on it that I can use to show the effects of sea pollution.


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