Mutant Fish

As I said in my previous blog post, I want to make a project centred around the impact that sea pollution has on its inhabitants. I’ve been especially interested in this idea of mutated fish. I think for me this is partly because we seriously need to stop this from happening but also the possibilities for illustrative pieces and ideas is quite enticing if I’m being honest.

I thought that a good starting place would be looking at some photographs of damaged sea life. This would mean my ideas and pieces can have some grounding in reality even if I exaggerate or add some fantastical elements to them. It’s important that they are recognisable as messed up creatures from the real oceans (not, say, something from a film) because then people will be able to identify the problem that I am describing through what I have made.

These are some shrimp found along the Gulf of Mexico, the site of the Deepwater Horizon incident. Due to the pollution they have been having defects such as blindness and other sensory difficulties. 
This is a tumorous fish that looks like it’s about to explode. 
Whilst not a fish, this image of a pelican is rather striking since its wings look heavy with oil and it’s all grimy and not at all healthy looking.
Another shrimp although this one has tumours growing out of its body. It’s pretty disgusting and horrible to look at. 
This is that image again of  the two fish larvae, comparing the healthy one to the mutated one. 

By looking at these images I know that I want to create something surrounding some characters that are mutated, weird looking fish. I want them to be sort of cute but pretty messed up so that people might feel sorry for them. I also want them to look kind of stupid or ‘derpy’ as the internet might put it.


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