Experimenting With Bubbles

To start off my visual investigation into mutant fish, I decided to have a look in the Geographical Magazine because they often have things pertaining to pollution and things of that like.

I was also thinking about the image of the two larvae (below) and how they’ve been distorted by their condition.


Using that as a base image, I started experimenting with paint bubbles. Not all of them turned out quite right due to my forgetting how to even make paint bubble prints.

The idea behind them was that the bubbles would look kind of like tumours and i used a bright red colour so that they would give an idea of flesh and blood. The black ink was used to make the impression of something skeletal. To be honest I think the bubbles do work to make something that looks tumorous but I know if the ink worked that well because they look a bit like trees.

However after going so long feeling discouraged I was glad to have starting point and to have started doing something again.

Here I used the bubbles and I used a straw to make the ink look more organic. 
This was on of my favourites because the ink worked how I wanted it to but then I messed it up a bit with the red paint but I still like and more closely resembles what I wanted than the others. 
On this one I used some card to scrape the ink across the page and then added the bubbles. 
I think this one had the most successful bubbles but I wasn’t happy with how the ink went. 

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