Shadow Play

For the collaborative section of the year we did week project using shadows as a starting point.

The group that I was in arranged a variety of objects such as bottles, bowls and objects that we had made in front of a projector.

Above are pictures of our projections. We found that they resembled buildings.

We then used the same objects but arranged them with an overhead projector and above are photos of what we came up with.


These were my drawings of the shadow we created.
Another drawing of the shadow.
I then drew it and filled it in with black to get a better sense of the silhouette.
I then drew this two toned variant because the projector cast more than one shadow depending on the focus of the light.
In this drawing I was experimenting with putting some of the shapes into the background and some into the foreground and because of that I managed begin finding a composition we could work with. It also created this surreal and strange looking landscape.
When discussing the shadow we had made, we agreed that it looked a lot like a cityscape with a little house on a hill. Based on that idea I drew a picture of a cityscape.

The next part of the workshop was to make a cardboard version of our silhouettes. We decided to keep on the theme of the city.

We drew the shapes of the ‘buildings’ onto the cardboard and we then cut the surface layers of the cardboard to reveal the corrugated texture underneath. By doing this, we could make the shapes of the ‘buildings’ stand out from the cardboard.
We used blue tape and masking tape to create more colour and texture to the place.
We layered up the cardboard using hot glue to suggest depth. We also used the hot glue to create texture.

After making the cardboard picture we began to make our city in clay. Our design focused around geometric shapes so we mostly used slabs although we did also make some hill shapes by making large pinch pots.

A miniature version of the house on the hill. Doing a small version can help figure out what the potential problems we might have when making the bigger one.
The larger version of the hill I made.
The components of our city with the cardboard version.

I really enjoyed doing this workshop and I think our group worked well together and we came up with a nice concept.



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