Sustainable Practices 4

The Origins of Sustainability

Sustainability was first brought to wider attention in the Stockholm agreement of 1972 and since then the UK has produced the ‘Securing the Future’ report that takes into account the economy and social justice.

There are many models on sustainability such as Stahel’s five pillars:

  • Nature Conservation
  • Health and Safety
  • Reduced Flows of Resources
  • Social Ecology
  • Cultural Ecology

There are also circles of sustainability that rate whole cities on their levels of sustainability across different areas.

There was also this idea of dematerialising things. This could mean making things like books and magazines purely digital (which I get but I hate reading digital books it makes my eyes go weird and also goes against the idea of bedtime reading because electronics have blue light which is a leading cause of sleep deprivation in British youngsters which is costing the NHS a lot of money but I digress) instead of using resources like paper to produce them. It could also mean replacing products with services for example rather than every household having a clothes washer, we go back to having laundrettes.


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