Some Problem Solving

One of the biggest questions looming over this project is how to water the plants. I thought I had figured this out by just leaving holes in the bottoms and tops of the ‘cells’ that align and then the water can get to each section. However after a discussion regarding this project I realised this would not be a very good project. This is because the soil would  have to be very saturated for each section to be watered. This means I need to come up with some alternative solutions.

Below are some photos of my sketchbook pages that show some of the ideas I was having.

One idea was to have pipes that have lots of small holes in them so that water can reach every level. My main concern is that the majority of the water may just end up at the bottom section. 
This idea was to with an external piping system. This would likely work, however it poses too many logistical issues about where they would fit and just makes the whole thing far less space efficient which is the whole point. 
This was a development on the first idea. The idea is that it could stop itself from getting too saturated at the bottom. There would be these small rim type things throughout the pipe and a ball or disc that is buoyant in each section. The idea is that when there is enough/too much water in the bottom section, the ball or disc will rise and block that section of pipe allowing the section above it to hold more water and once that one gets too full and then the same thing will happen and so on and so forth. 
This is the most simple idea which also might end up being the best, although the other solutions allow the water to be more evenly distributed.

The plan is to make a couple of prototypes that will help test the ideas that I have here and will help me to figure out which one is the best/most practical solution.


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