My New Idea for Light

My new idea for the light project is to make a plant pot system that makes the best use of space. The photo below explains the initial idea.

A photo of my sketchbook that explains the idea.


The idea comes from the idea that you could have something akin to a living wall but in your home that can also be configured so that you could have it at different heights and widths. They could also be used as conventional plant pots. The thing that I like about this idea is that as long as the base design is sound, it’s then a simple case of scaling bigger and smaller according to people’s needs.

An example of a living wall in someone’s home. I think this is really nice however, it requires too much free space i.e. smaller homes can’t have this kind of thing. My idea is more easily customised and implemented. I also want to come up with something that is more easily cared for i.e. I wanted the watering side of things to be as simple as possible. This wall looks kind of awkward to water. 
A larger scale example of a living wall. I think these things are beautiful and do wonders to make environments feel fresh and nice to be in. These kinds of walls tend to rely on climbing plants which is fine although I think it would be nice to have other solutions that allow a different variety of plants which could create more useful possibilities, for example what if we could have a living wall type thing where you could grow vegetables, this would make home growing vegetables a lot more accessible. 


This example shows how easily living walls can be integrated into spaces. 

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