Making the Prototype Part 2

Below is a documentation of making my prototype planter. I used materials that were already available to me and it was a pretty simple process.

I started with a straw that I am going to pierce with a needle. 
Piercing the straw.
The completed straw. 
The pots that I will use for my prototypes, I am using two per piece so that I can make four in total which should be enough to test the different watering ideas I have.
These are the materials I am using, the straws, the pots and a hand drill.
Before I drill, I need to mark out where exactly to drill because it is important that everything aligns properly. 
To make sure the holes are perfectly opposite each other, I used a piece of charcoal to mark the inside of the pot. By holding the put up to the light, I can see the mark from the outside of the pot which I then mark with a sharpie.
I also mark the inside (not entirely sure why).
I have then drilled the holes and tested that the holes align. I then glue the pots together.
I then attach some little pieces of straw at the back to support the structure and also make sure that it stands up properly. 
The finished thing with soil and cress seeds inside. I used cress seeds because cress can grow in shallow/small spaces (I grew cress in a Kinder Egg one time) and it also grows very quickly (2-3 days).

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