Making My Paper Model

I decided that I wanted to make a paper model of my room so that I could try out one of my initial ideas which was to tell the story of this weird recurring dream I get. I wanted to do this by using as little as possible. I wanted everything to be as empty and as plain as possible whilst still making it relatable i.e. people could see what was going on and understand it fairly easily. The idea is that I would use pure atmosphere and light to tell the story rather than dialogue and characters.

The dream that I have that I wanted tell the story of is where I’m lying in my bed and the door will open and there’s a man who enters the room. He doesn’t do anything but it still feels really frightening. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but there’s a certain atmosphere to this dream that is really unsettling. The idea is that I will take pictures of a ‘set’ made of paper where I play around with the lighting to create atmosphere and give a sense of time moving from day to night.

Below are pictures of the process and completed ‘set’.

Making some shelves and doors. 
The desk and door. 


This is where the shelves and draws are going. 
The bed where I have tried to make the duvet and pillow look a little more 3D and not completely, unnaturally flat. 
Close up of the desk and chair. 

I have made this little set of my room. I only has two sides out of four because I don’t need the other sides. The camera angle is going to be fixed to I don’t need to worry about making the rest of it.


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