Making a Prototype Part 1

As I said in the previous blog post, I need to make a prototype of my idea. I have drawn up a plan in my sketchbook.

I will use some tubs I had from some microwave cake mix and some straws. I will drill holes into the pots that fit the straw. 
I will pierce the straw with a needle and then fit the straw through the holes, this will make sure all the holes stay in alignment when glueing the pots together. 
I will glue the pots together and then glue the straw into place. I will then cut some little pieces of straws to glue to the back of the pots to add some support and also so it will stand up on its own.

I know that this isn’t a perfect prototype because there are a few differences between the idea and this, but I am hoping that it will be an adequate proof of concept for now, whilst I can gather together some more appropriate materials and make something more similar to my idea.


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