Starting Over

I have decided to start my Cited project over. This is because I have lost interest in the project and so I wasn’t coming up with anything that was good. I also just don’t think I was doing something worth doing. I do love characters but I don’t know if that means I should be trying to design them and I don’t think I was being very thoughtful about my designs anyways because I had kind of just lost all motivation to it. I think if I decide to continue the outcome would just be so dull and uninspired and I just don’t think it would have gone very well.

I have decided to take a bit of a u-turn and I have chosen something that should hold my interest better and I think I can produce something that will be more interesting. I think anime, video games, films and costumery will always feed what I do and be a massive part of my practice and life but I don’t think making a project out of it was really working.

I do have a plan for a new project which I will make a separate blog post about.


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