More Inspiration

Below are a couple of the books I was looking at for the Cited project.


Above are some photos from The Book of the Samurai: The Warrior Class of Japan. From this book I managed to get a lot of good references of Samurai armour. This helped when looking at how I could implement a Samurai aesthetic and seeing how the armour works.

This book is called The Way of the Samurai. This book had some of the traditional woodblock prints and I thought the colours and the fluidity was an interesting thing to look at something that I might be able to incorporate some of the things into my work.

This is the book that I used to get a closer look at the concept art for Bioshock: Infinite which I have already talked about. It’s a very useful book from a character design and also cosplay standpoint. It contains a lot of annotated images.

I also still have the photos that I took from the V&A museum which I have looked at for inspiration.


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