Drawing Influence

I wanted to share more the influences that I was looking at for the Cited project. Most of them are video games, anime and samurai and kendo armour. A lot of what I do is inspired by these things because they are a big part of my life and I love the things that are made possible within these mediums.

The images above are taken from The Last Guardian by Fumito Ueda.  I have already talked at length about why I loved this game but I wanted put some images here because I like the aesthetic nature of the game as well as the narrative part of it. I particularly like the design of the enemies because they look like eastern suits of armour. They also have this way of inducing major panic into the player and they have a real sense of having been there for a long time.

Above are images from Shadow of the Colossus also by Fumito Ueda and honestly one of my favourite things about these creatures is the immense scale of them. I love the way they just loom over everything and dominate the space they occupy.


These are pictures of the characters from the manga and anime series Death Note by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. Death Note is so good for so many reasons but one of those reasons are the character designs. I know that there’s nothing special per se about most of the characters in Death Note in terms of physicality and most of sets them apart from each other are internal things like their intellect, moral stances, motives etc however that doesn’t mean that the characters don’t have to be and weren’t well thought out in terms of their design. What makes the character designs so good is that you can tell a lot about what the character is like just by looking at them.

For example, the detective L. Lawliet (depicted top left) is hunched over with his hand covering his mouth, this implies he is not one for dealing with people, you might think that he is socially inept (which he definitely is). His clothes are very simple and plain and his hair is pretty messy. Obviously this is someone who does not think appearances are important, he might see taking time over that kind of thing as trivial and concentrates purely on solving cases and doing things that entertain and stimulate his mind. In contrast to this we have Light Yagami (bottom left). You can tell immediately from his appearance that he is far more ‘put together’ in terms of grooming and choice of clothing. His body language is far more open. This suggests far more social prowess and a better understanding of how people work and how to befriend them. He is also often depicted in the official promotional art holding a scythe or an apple suggesting that he has some dark intention, the scythe normally associated with the grim reaper and therefore someone who seeks to take lives and an apple representing the original sin i.e. the acquisition of knowledge.

What I am trying to get from this is that characters don’t have to have all these bells and whistles to be interesting, they just have to be well thought out.

All of these images are taken from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by Shigeru Miyamoto. I love the design choices of this game, it mixes both western and eastern influences to create something that feels quite dark for a Legend of Zelda game. All the characters are really memorable and they have a lot of visual interest which is partly what helps them stick so firmly in the mind. They all have very distinctive mannerisms and designs that make absolute sense to the place that they’ve come from.

This was my first inspiration for the project. This is artwork from Kill la Kill made by Studio Trigger and character designs done by Sushio. I love Sushio’s work for it’s expressive, fun and often quirky and non sensical qualities. I have referenced a particular character here just because he embodies all the themes I was interested in. This idea that you can anthropomorphise data and things that seemingly have no form and are yet as human as they come. Data as an idea is a human thing so I think to give it a form to then put on a character that is all about analytics and data is really interesting.

These are some of the influences I’ve been looking at for this project. I have a couple more which I will share next time.


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