Light Part 1

Project Introduction

The latest project that I have been introduced to is a project called ‘Light’. I really like playing around with light and I have done quite a few projects that use light. Despite all that however, I was a little stuck on what to do.

I was thinking about the different aspects that make light interesting to me and I managed to break it down into three different things.

  • Functional lighting. This is fairly self explanatory; I’m interested in lights that look interesting but also serve a function.
  • Light and experience. I was thinking about how light can shape our experiences of things and that got me thinking about those restaurants that are completely dark because it’s meant to intensify the taste of the food.
  • Light and narrative. Recently I had watched a play through of a game that used light and colour in the most interesting way. I had also played a very different game that also used light and colour to great effect.

I decided that I would use these three things as a basis to go off of and see from there what I might do. I thought that I might explore a little bit of each and see how that goes but I’m not entirely sure.




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