My Formative Assessment

I was dreading my formative assessment. This is because, due to illness, I have been really struggling on all fronts, physically, mentally and emotionally. What this ultimately amounts to was that I was very anxious about being behind and not having work turned in.

There were two pieces of work that I was not able to produce, one was a sheet with my final Siteless outcome because the printer was just asking to be smashed with a sledgehammer and the other one was the outcome for a metal workshop and this was because of my illness, I just wasn’t able to get there which was extremely frustrating. These were the main reasons why I wasn’t looking forward to the assessment because I was worried about what would be said about not having these things.

Thankfully it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. I was able to explain all my workshop outcomes and why I thought some were better than others.

The other thing I had been worried about was the reception of my Siteless outcome. This is because it was made from cardboard and it was the simplest thing and it was small to boot. I was sure I would be told it needed to me bigger or I should have made it using a more advanced process but it was received very well and I was pleasantly surprised.

I was also happy that I was understood much better when trying to talk about my Cited project. The ideas bounced excited me much more than the ones in the group tutorial and I found that I was on the same page for once. There were still a few things that needed to be thought through because I progressed but I felt so much happier about progressing and so I had a new found hope.

The one area I get frustrated with myself for and is an area that I really need to improve on is my attention to detail. I can construct things with a lot of different materials pretty well. My problem lies in the fact that I struggle to finish things off tidily and carefully and so they sometimes can look a little scrappy. I have found this problem most often occurs in textiles works and work that needs to be very precise.

All in all I was happy with how the assessment went and I know what I need to get done over the holidays.


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