Cited Part 3 – Group Tutorial #1

The second step to the cited project was to take it to a group tutorial to share ideas and get some feedback on the credibility of my idea.

I found the tutorial very interesting and very beneficial and most of all I felt I was understood. I was able to communicate that I was more interested in the capability of the object than the object itself and that I personally use the internet a lot for gaming. It was suggested that I look into a gaming side of the internet, perhaps creating my own game world. I liked that idea but I also felt a little intimidated by it.

I was told to look at a bunch of digital modelling tools. I have used quite a few over the years but I was excited to learn how to use even more. I have always thought that learning who to use software very quickly is a very underrated skill but I like to think that it is something that I keep developing and improving on and already have some pretty good grounding in.

One of my favourite things about the tutorial was that I felt I could really branch out from my object because of it’s breadth and immense capability. One of the things that really excited me was that I could tie it into video games.

I love video games, I have since I first played the Playstation 1 at my friend’s house when I was around seven. When I was a child there was nothing I would rather do than be on a games console. I didn’t care which console it was, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox series or the Sony Playstation series, I just wanted to play games. And a year or so later i realised that games can also be played on the computer and so I became obsessed with the strategy games that my dad got me. These would be things like Pharaoh, Stronghold and Cossacks: European Wars. However, this love for games was not a childhood phase, I still love playing video games and recently this passion has had an immense rekindling since I bought my Playstation 4 and played The Last Guardian which I will be talking about in a separate post. It may seem like a weird ramble to go on, but the thing is, gaming and the internet go hand in hand so this could be a good avenue to explore.

I left the tutorial with quite a few things going on in my head. I liked the idea of the gaming angle but I also liked the darker side of the internet and the idea of exploring how people put everything online.

I wasn’t at this point sure how this would all come together, but I would figure it out.




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