The last thing I did was try some embroidering. I had never used a sewing machine  in this way before and I was looking forward to it.

I was meant to have brought a pattern to work from with me but admittedly I had forgotten so I decided I to just draw up a little character. I drew a little bear because I thought it would look cute and I liked the illustrative quality it would have.

My embroidered bear next to my original drawing.

I chose the colours of my fabric, cut them out and used some bondaweb to stick the fabric pieces together ready to sew.

Starting to sew my bear.
The outline and belly are in place.
Here I have sewn in some of the smaller pieces like the snout and ears.
Here I’ve added in the details like the nose, claws and eyes.
My finished bear.

Overall I am very happy with my bear. I find it very cute although I would have preferred to have had a brown colour for the main body instead of the grey but I still like my bear nonetheless.

I think my sewing was pretty good considering how I haven’t done free machine before.


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