Cited part 2 – My Object of Citation

The Netgear Internet Router

This is an internet router. It’s a simple black object that, aesthetically I am not that interested in, however, what I am interested in is the immense capability that this black box affords me.

The internet allows me to overcome my shyness, it allows me to access incredible amounts of information and allows me to dive into worlds that could only exist because technology combined with human imagination allows it.

However exciting all these things are, the internet as a whole is far too big to make a project from without having to cut it down. This is the things that I am going to find the most difficult. I need to figure out what I want to convey about the internet and how exactly this will manifest. This is the thing that I am most worried about because I don’t really know what I’m doing with this and there were a couple of times I thought that it might be better to change but I have decided to stick with my project and use the modem.

Photos of my Object

Below are photos of my internet modem from various angles including the inside.




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