Cited Part 1 – Introduction

The Introduction and Choosing an Object

The next project that I was set to work on was called ‘Cited’. The premise of this project was to pick an object and develop a project using the chosen object as a starting point.

I had a think about what I wanted to cite. I was torn between a couple of things because my interests are so broad. Initially I wondered whether to cite my trusty Nintendo DS which I have had and loved for years but I’m not really sure how I would make a project from it.

I also considered citing a Japanese tea set or shinai or a samurai’s kabuto¬†because I love Japanese culture and craftsmanship but I thought that I might investigate these things at a later time once I have developed some more skills and perhaps by the time I am ready to make that enquiry I might even have had a chance to go to Japan. Unfortunately the closest thing I have been to seeing traditional Japanese culture is the Japanese collection at the V&A.

I decided in the end to go with a Netgear internet router and my old Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. Although aesthetically I really like the laptop, I was far more interested in citing the capabilities of the laptop and router so in essence I was less citing the laptop and router per se but in fact citing the internet itself.

This was going to be a very tricky task because I would need to find an angle to attack this topic because the internet is so vast. So I have to admit it was with some trepidation and much anxiety that I set about this task where the hardest thing would be to figure out what I even wanted to do with it.



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