One of the workshops that I was required to do was textiles. I enjoy textiles because i like making costumes and I was looking forward to developing my skills.

On the first week of exploring textiles, I just experimented with different stitches and then made a little pocket. I was pleased with how well my pocket was going until I managed to muck it up by catching the fabric.

On the second week I worked on making a lined bag with a little pocket attached to the lining.


I chose a thin lining and a very thick main material. I found making the bag fairly easy up until a certain point and this is when I realised that my choice in material was not very clever.

When it came to doing the straps I wasn’t able to turn the straps the right way around because it was too thick. So I tried to sew them be folding it in such a way where the seams were already on the inside, but I wasn’t able to do this because again, the material was too thick. And then once it was time to put the straps onto the bag (I had given up and left the raw edges on the outside), I broke a needle because the fabric was too thick!

In the end I left the bag as a pouch that I could put a tablet or something like that into it. I was happy with the outcome although I really struggled with the thickness of the fabric which caused it to be a little untidy in places.

My finished pouch. With insight I definitely would have chosen a thinner material.

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