Siteless Evaluation

Evaluation of my outcome


I was very happy with this outcome. I was far happier with it than my initial outcome. I think I managed to achieve that sense of illusion I was going for. I found it interesting that a 2D object can work across planes to give it a sense of being 3D and I think it worked here.

I was initially anxious about exactly how simple the piece is but it encouraged me to render it far more carefully and in the end I came up with something I liked.

The only thing I messed up slightly was the paint job on the white object because I accidentally dropped the cutout when it was still wet so there’s a weird mark on it that I couldn’t seem to cover up.

Evaluation of the overall project

Overall I found the project very difficult because I don’t really consider myself an abstract person. I tend to prefer things that are more literal. I also found it a little tricky to gauge exactly what was required. I wasn’t sure how abstracted the object was meant to be and what approach I should take. I wasn’t sure if I could have just made random shape and that would have been acceptable.

Having said that, I understood the value of the project, I just found it a little confusing. I like to think that I have been able to improve and develop my way of looking at form because of that project. I think I might have improved these skills because I was able to develop a new approach to my practice and try methods I hadn’t used before.

In order to improve I would try to make sure things were finished way more tidily and take more time on the finish of things because sometimes I found that my pieces were untidy.


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