Things Can Be Otherwise 4

Indexical Drawing – Does a drawing have to look like the object?

In this session of Things Can Be Otherwise we were discussing wether a drawing has to look like the object, more specifically, the value of indexical drawing (if we did indeed believe it to have value)

It asked us to think about what drawing is. I have to admit that I’ve always thought of drawing to be a functional thing. For me if I’m drawing, it’s to convey and idea for a character, a design for a costume or something like that. I don’t tend to think of drawing as something for expression or anything like that. I prefer to use it as a literal story telling medium rather than an abstract. Having said that, that’s just my preferred experience and use for drawing, there’s nothing working with drawing with big flourishes and expressive mark making. But that isn’t really saying much about what I consider drawing.

I consider drawing to be any kind of representational mark making that is relatively 2D. When it gets more 3D, it’s a sculpture in my mind.

And that’s why, despite seeing enormous value in indexical drawing, it’s just not drawing to me.

The values of indexical drawing are that it allows people to really listen and understand what a material wants to do. It can lead to some amazing ideas and develop a greater ability to see potential in materials. So for this I would never suggest that indexical drawing is silly or has no value, in mind it’s more of a naming issue, it just doesn’t necessarily meet my criteria for a drawing.





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