Siteless Part 4

Since the deadline for the siteless exhibition was starting to draw near, I decided that I really needed to work on my outcome and figure out what it was going to be.

I was finding this difficult because I still haven’t really gotten my head around the project but I did decide to use my photos as a starting point because they were my readily available reference points.

I decided that one of the things that would help me make a form that is non objective would be to remove the things that make it recognisable and the thing that I removed was shadow, texture and colour. I did this by using Adobe Illustrator to block out the parts of the photos that I was most interested in using just black and white shapes.

I found this to be a useful exercise and once I had done it I found it much easier to progress with the next stage of the project.

The blocked forms based on the wooden structure I took a photo of.
More versions of the blocked colours. I’d like to try and do something with the top version, I was interested in how it was a 2D shape but retains 3D qualities.
The last couple of versions I did for the wooden frame.
This time I was blocking out a section of my lunchbox.
I liked how graphic these versions of my lunch box were, my main problem was whether they might have not have taken enough of a departure from the original source, i.e. the lunch box.


Some shapes that I developed based off of a stand/tripod but I didn’t think they were particularly interesting or abstracted enough so I didn’t want to take them further when I had things that were more successful in my eyes.

I decided that I would develop the wooden frame in some way and try to create some of kind of 3D form based on it. The thing that I was most interested in when it came to the drawing of the wooden structure was how the blocked out shape I made was 2D but something about it retained a 3D quality so I thought that this could be an interesting thing to explore. The other thing that i really enjoyed about this was the strength that the shapes had. I liked how rigid and simple they were so I decided that i would like to make something using laser cut acrylic. I wanted acrylic because I wanted something with a very solid black and white colour with no variation in tone and texture and the laser cutter would be able to cut it nice and accurately so I thought these things could help me make the object I wanted to make.





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