Keynote Lecture 3

The Image World 

This lecture was all about how we process images. It started with how things like Google Earth is changing the way we see images although I personally think that the more pressing issue with image consumption is things like Pinterest, Instagram and Google Images. These websites/apps/platforms are more pressing to me because they thrive off very rapid image consumption but there isn’t a lot of depth to things. For example I’ve looked at things on Pinterest and I see something I like but because Pinterest is concerned only with images, it’s impossible to garner any kind of context from them which is frustrating.

The other point that I found particularly interesting was that we see so many digitally enhanced images of paintings and sculptures and landscapes and all sorts of things that we would likely fail to recognise the truest, most honest photograph amongst them. The example that was used was the Mona Lisa which if you search on Google Images, you get hundreds and hundreds of results but how many of us would recognise the photo of the painting that is closest to the real life Mona Lisa or if there even is a ‘correct’ photograph of the Mona Lisa even exists on Google Images. 

We always see images through filters that change our understanding of the image and the further away we get from the image, the more ‘filters’ are put in front of the image. Perhaps this would drastically change our understanding of the image and change our experience of it. I think the main point here is that nothing really compares to the original.


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