Siteless Part 3

Slab Building 

The next bit of making I did for my siteless was a slab structure although before I went into this, I made a cardboard machete. I didn’t really base these structures on anything in particular but I just wanted to try and make an interesting structure.

I started my cardboard machete by drawing and cutting out one shape and then using it was a template for all the others. I then cut these all out with a knife. 
I then cut out some cardboard strips that would form the basis of the structure. 
I then stuck my shapes onto my cardboard strip. 
My completed cardboard machete. The next thing I needed to was to develop a slab sculpture that I have adapted from this card model. 
The first step towards my slab building was rolling out some clay. It was important for it to be nice and even and not too thick or too thin. 
I measured out some slabs for the sides using a ruler. 
Using the scratch and slip method, I attached the sides to the base of the sculpture. 
I put the shapes onto the sides. 
Once I had attached all the shapes together and finished putting the sides onto the sculpture, I ended up with this!
My finished fired structure. I think this turned out ok, it definitely needs some tidying up. I’m not massively happy with the end result and I don’t think I’ll take this any further. I’m happy and a little surprised that it’s still in one piece and that nothing broke off in the kiln so I’m that I created something that is structurally sound but maybe I should have made it from a different material and used the clay in a different way. 



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