Siteless Part 2

The Wire

Now that i had my drawings, it was time to do something with them. We had a wire working workshop that morning so I decided to see what kinds of things I should do with my drawings and what possibilities there were with the wire. I’d done a lot of wire work before but I’d never done it with this idea of drawing with wire in mind, it was usually purely a functional thing. For example I usually used wire when I needed a frame for something, I very rarely left wire all on it’s own so it was interesting to try this different way of thinking with the material.

I decided that I would first use my wooden frame drawing to produce something fairly 2D to see what result I could get from it.

The initial photo that my drawing comes from.
My pen drawing that I would be doing a wire drawing of.
My starting piece of wire.

I started by finding some wire that I liked the thickness of. I used fairly thick wire because I wanted it to hold a firm, strong shape like wood does. I used pliers to manipulate it and get clean shapes and angles.

Here I’ve made my first part of the shape which will be added to.
I’ve got a few more shapes ready which will need spot welding to put together.
The pieces have been spot welded together and just need a little tidying up. 
Spot welding the thinner wire that make up some of the detail. This was a little tricky because the spot welder melted through the thinner wire a bit too much and made it pretty fragile.
My finished wire piece based off of the wooden frame. 
A photo of my lunch box that I wanted to make an object from. I decided this time I would make something that’s more 3D. 
The drawing that I wanted to base my second wire model on.
The beginnings of my 3D form. 
I wanted there to be as few pieces of wire used as possible and to make it almost like a continuous line. 
My piece is almost finished, the most challenging aspect of this was trying not to make it look too much like the lunchbox so I did my best to abstract it as best I could. 


My final wire object. I’m really pleased with the finished piece. I decided to put some tissue paper on it to block some of the shapes that i wanted to come out more solidly. 



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