Siteless Part 1

Introduction to Siteless

Our first main project brief for the year was called ‘siteless’. It was this idea that you can look and complete forms in the environment around you and take parts of them that you can decontextualise and abstract them.

The starting point to this project was a book called ‘1001 Building Forms’ by Francois Blanciak. The aim was to use this as an invitation to look at non objective forms.

This brief was a little daunting to me because I tend to be more of a literal person and so it was initially quite hard to get my head around because I wasn’t exactly sure where to start.

Thankfully we were given a task that made it a lot easier to get started on this project and I managed to get a much better grasp on the kind of thing that was required of this project.

The Drawing Task

The first task for this project was to have a wander around the university building and find things that could be abstracted and used as the non objective forms and then draw them using continuous line drawings and cut outs and all sorts of methods.

I went around the university and started drawing various things that caught my and then I then took photos of them for future reference.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Above are the photos I took of the objects I did my drawings of. I found it hard to choose things that could be completely abstracted but in the end I ended up with some drawings I could work with.

My drawing of the wooden frame.
This is the drawing I did of my lunch box.

Above are the pictures that I have chosen to take further and try to produce something three dimensional from.


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