Making a Box

As part of this rotation, I needed to make a wooden box. This involved using a bansaw which I had never used before and I was a little nervous about using it. But after watching the demonstrator explain it and then do a little proficiency test I felt a lot more confident using it.

The first thing that I needed to do was decide what size I wanted my box. I decide that I didn’t want it very big so I chose 6×7″. The demonstrator then cut pieces to this size and the rest was up to me.

To construct the box, I needed to work out how much to cut into the timber so that the pieces would fit together. To do this I took the two longest pieces and measured the thickness so that I could find the middle of it and I would then know how deep and how far down to cut. Once I had these measurements marked out I used the bansaw to cut into it.

Once I had my joints prepared I needed to glue the sides together and put a top and a bottom on it. I accidentally used a bit too much glue so it got a little messy but I managed to clean it up.

I left the glue for a while and when I got back it was ready to take out the clamp. I trimmed the excess timber from the top and bottom using the bansaw and then used the big sander to take off the rest and smooth it all down. I wasn’t done with the sanding quite yet however and I used a hand sander to smooth down the surface even more and then got some wire wool to smooth it further.

When all the sanding was done I needed to cut the lid off, so I used the bansaw to do that and then I had something that started to resemble more of a functioning box.

The demonstrator carved the tops of the lids for us and we chose what we wanted, I chose a very simple, inwardly curving detail for my lid because I wanted my box to be very simple and not over done.

The next thing to do was oil/stain the box. I chose a walnut stain because I liked how rich it made the timber look. I didn’t have time to oil it once that had dried so when I came in the following week I went straight to putting the furniture onto the box.

I kept the decoration pretty minimal because it was a small box I didn’t want it to look cluttered and over done. I attached hinges to the box, I took this one really slow because I didn’t want the box to not open properly. I then put a clasp on it by using a pointed tool to mark where I would put a screw in and then I used a screwdriver to fix it in. The final thing I put on my box was a little handle for the top of the lid and after that I decided that I had put enough furniture on my box.

To finish it off, I put some oil on it to bring out the grain.

Unfortunately I had somewhat neglected to take photos of the making process so I have had to resort to explaining things without any visual aid, hopefully this was explained somewhat coherently.





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