Pouring the Wax

Now that I had made my moulds I needed to try and use them for something so we were going to learn how to safely melt and pour wax.

Luckily the process of melting the wax is fairly straight forward. If we used the electric hobs then we could leave them to take care of themselves whereas if we used the gas one then we needed to tend to it at all times. The melting process was mostly just making sure that the wax did not over heat and once it was melted it needed cantering.

Cantering just  consisted of pouring the wax from one saucepan to another to cool it down to the right temperature. Once the wax had been cantered, it was ready to be poured. I learned that the right temperature is for the wax to be warm but not too hot that it hurts to touch. Pouring the wax wax fairly simple, there were a couple of methods of doing this.

If I had had a bigger mould then I would have poured the wax into it and then poured it back out and repeated this process a couple of times to build up a little thickness. However because my mould was so tiny, it made more sense to make a solid wax object so I just poured the wax in and left it.

The warm wax in the mould waiting to set.

Because my mould was so small, I didn’t need to leave the wax very long and I was able to take my little wax pastels out. Because the wax didn’t need long to set I could have made a lot of these but I chose to make just four and I didn’t use my lemon sherbet one because I didn’t think it would be worth it but I would like to use coloured resin with it.

My moulds and wax pastels.



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