Making Moulds

In this rotation I was set to do vinamold, wood working and metal working. First of all I was going to learn how to make moulds that I would then learn how to pour wax into.

The items that I chose to make a mould for were fruit pastels and a sherbet lemon. My hope had been that the heat of the melted vinamold would warp the sweets in some way and create an interesting shape although sadly this did not happen.

My sherbet lemon and fruit pastels.

The first thing that I needed to do was prepare my objects for pouring the vinamold. This was a simple case of preparing a clay slab to put my items onto. Once I had done this I put a kind of a clay wall around the sweets and smoothed it down so that there were no gaps and the vinamold would not seep through and make a big mess.


The clay has been put around the sweets and so I just need to pour the vinamould. 

Once the preparation had been done I needed to cut up the vinamold into small chunks ready to microwave. Once this was done and put into microwave safe jugs, I set the microwave to melt the vinamold making sure to take it out and stir it every now and then.

The only thing left to do then was to pour the melted vinamold into the clay slabs. I poured the vinamold over the sweets and then all I needed to do was wait for it to set.

I’ve poured the moulds and am waiting for them to set. 

I left the vinamould about an hour before I thought it would be alright to remove the clay and see how my sweets reacted to the heat.

My sherbet lemon and fruit pastel moulds. 

Unfortunately nothing interesting really happened to the sweets however, I was impressed by the level of detail that the vinamould picked up. I think the fruit pastels worked pretty well because the sugar coating made for an interesting surface texture whereas the sherbet lemon was pretty boring, perhaps I should have left it in the plastic wrapper.

The next stage with these moulds was to pour some wax into them and see  how they work. But that would be done on a different day but at least now I had my moulds ready to use.


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