Copper Working and Enamelling Outcomes

These are my outcomes for the copper working and enamelling workshops. I really enjoyed this workshop and I’d like to have some time to practice it a bit more and improve my skills.

This was my first attempt at using copper, I like this piece although I thought that it was lacking in detail so I tried to make another one but I think this was a good starting point and from this I was able to learn a few things about how the metal allows itself to be shaped. I decided to make a new one in order to get some of the finer details more accurate but i’m not totally unhappy with this one. 
This is my copper wing that I tied a bit of string around in order to hang it up. I like how the enamelling turned out even though it was completely by accident it looks this way. I think I should have drilled a hole into it so it could be hung a little better but I could still do that so I might. Out of all my outcomes, this one is my favourite because I think the shape works, I like how the the enamelling turned out and I just found it the most aesthetically pleasing to men and the one that got closest to what I wanted.
This is my second bird skull. I think it is a lot better than the first one I attempted but I still think there’s a way to go with it. I like the beak, I wouldn’t change that part of it but I still find that I haven’t quite gotten the eye sockets right. They seem too big this time and almost border on a little cartoonish. I have drawn up a template since that might rectify this problem so I’d like to try again. I also think I messed up the enamelling. It isn’t very smooth and I’m just not convinced it looks that good. 

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