Pewter Casting Outcomes

Photos of my outcomes during pewter casting and the initial ideas behind them.

Some of my initial idea sketches.

I decided to try doing a koi carp to begin with because the shape would be pretty easy and I could continue to work into the mould to add more detail such as scales as I got more used to the process.

My first attempt at casting my koi carp.

Above is my first pewter casting attempt. It’s very ropey and I messed up the sawing a little by cutting too much off the left section. I also kept the detail to a minimum because I saw this one as a trial run.

I decided to work into the mould a bit more to try and create smooth out the shape a bit more.

My second pewter casting attempt.

My second attempt looks a lot smoother and I was able to use the jewellery saw a lot better and I used a file to smooth the edges. I still kept the detail to a minimum but I found the quality of the object a little better this time.

The third koi carp

This is my third attempt at the koi carp. This time I added some more details so I think it looks a bit better, I just need to drill a hole at the top to form a loop so that I could put a chain or something through it.

Some more of my ideas.

For the next mould I decided to make something even simpler because I wasn’t too happy with the way my fish came out.

I chose a very simple design that only used aspects of line. I used the design that is the star sign simple for Taurus because I thought that I could use it as a starting point to more interesting line patterns.

My first Taurus symbol attempt.

I think it came out alright although I think I should have worked the mould a lot better in order for the line to be smoother and for the whole thing to look a bit more thought out and put together.

A developed version of the previous cast.

For this design, I simply worked into the mould for the Taurus symbol to change it up a little. I still think it holds the same problems that the other one does in that it’s just not that refined but I do find the design more interesting.


The final design I did was inspired by Japanese characters, specifically numbers. I have a held a deep interest for Japanese culture for a long time and so I wanted to incorporate this. I found that it was especially interesting to do because the Kanji has such strong lines, as all written language inherently does.

My idea was to make an odd combination of the numbers to create some sort of shape.


This one was the least successful object in that it didn’t fully come out but I found that the quality of what did come out was much higher than the others. The lines were smoother and looked more carefully dug out, I just needed to try the mould out again to see whether the rest of it would have come out (I spilled some pewter whilst pouring it in) but I ran out of time so perhaps I will try again in the future.

So that concludes my first attempts at pewter casting. I think I could have tried more interesting things with the design and I think I also need to think more carefully about the material and what kind of designs and scales lend themselves well to pewter casting. I’m hoping that i can try it again at some point so that I can refine my ideas and the process and also try out new designs and pewter casting techniques.


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